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    Aaron Hernandez 2012 Topps Chrome Rainbow: Haves/Needs

    for the rainbow!
    Green = have, red = need. lmk what you guys got. name your price/what you are looking to trade for :)

    Orange Refractor
    Camo Refractor /499
    Purple Refractor /499
    Pink Refractor /399
    Prisim Refractor /216
    Black Refractor /299
    Blue Refractor /199
    Sepia Refractor /99
    Gold Refractor /50
    Red Refractor /25

    Superfractor 1/1
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    I have a Pink REF----would be at like $3 dlvd via PAYPAL GIFT


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    forgot i had this thread up, bump to the top, just picked up the blue
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    I might be able to round up the base and refractor. Let me check it out. Honestly, if I have any you need you can have them. Will get back at you at some point.
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    Any Gronkowski/Hernandez Dual Auto's Out There?

    I know sage has one, so does tribute, supreme, exquisite, sterling, and black. Paypal ready. lmk what you got!!!

    *not interested in sage*
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