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    Thanksgiving/Black Friday blowout sale! Check out my new bucket! Lions, Bills, more!

    It's Thanksgiving weekend (kind of), so I'm looking to clear some stuff out. I've got a lot of items spread out over a couple photobucket albums (because their coding is somewhat random), so please check out the links below.

    2012 NFL -
    2012 College -
    2011 NFL -
    2011 College -
    2010 NFL -
    2010 College -
    Detroit Lions -
    Buffalo Bills -

    Post an offer here, or make me an offer. Nothing has prices listed, and all reasonable offers will be listened to. The more you want to buy, the better deal I can give you.


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    interested in a couple of packer card. sellling or trading? if selling prices on the aj hawk, alex green triple threads and the keith jackson. thanks

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    In the 2012 college bucket: how much for the 2 Keyshawn Martin cards and the 2 BJ Cunningham cards - both individually and collectively?

    In the 2011 college bucket: how much for the Billy Sims card?


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    Thanks for the reply. I will take it those cards for the price in the message!! I couldn't reply as it said the mailbox was full so I thought I'd reply it here. Thanks a lot. Do you want to post it up or should I. Thanks again.

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    much on these autos: hillman, floyd, blackmon, each alex green, suh, each broyles, spiller gridiron gear, ponder, kaepernick, mallett and both titus youngs

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    how much for J rodgers contenders and Jamie Harper inception jersey?

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