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    Is the strike affecting your hockey card sales?

    I'm just curious what others have experienced with the strike, especially as it continues soon into December with no light apparent at the end of the tunnel.

    Are you finding cards selling for lower than before the strike, and/or do you find that they're generally more difficult to move? I've heard from a couple of dealers who have pretty much put hockey sales aside completely until the strike ends because they were having so little luck in moving things, and I'm curious if others here have run into the same problems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RGM81 View Post
    The lockout is definitely affecting my interest in acquiring new cards and other items that contribute to Hockey Related Revenue. It has not had much of a negative effect on my sales. People seem to still really like that Pricey fella.

    I have become a greater contributor to the NFL's Football Related Revenue, however.
    I have spent a lot on football lately, too, since starting the 1997 UD Legends auto set. I'm barely at the halfway point, and it's already proven an expensive exercise. I saw a Walter Payton just sell for somewhere in the $2,000 range, so that one is going to hurt a lot when the time comes. I'm also doing the accompanying 2011 College Legends set.

    Basketball has taken the rest of my hobby-related spending. Working on at least four auto sets right now, all made up of HOFers or retired stars. I like the old-school stuff better than the new stuff, although I still have plans to buy a Lebron Exquisite at some point...maybe with next year's tax refund? My wife may disagree, however.

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    Mine have gone up in price to be straight up honest. Regular GU and inserts sell for more right now because there aren't any rookies lol

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    I hate the lockout, I miss hockey but I'm really enjoying the deals on ebay
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    I'm not much of a seller at this point, but my purchases have definitely gone right up since the lockout began. There are some good deals, and, I find, even better availability out there.

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    I'm not a huge seller but I regularly sell on ebay. Mine are actually the same as usual as far as % return is concerned.

    But with the free ebay listings and my number of listings at around 300-400/month (not exceeding 500 threshold; many re-listings), I can sell for the price I choose, so I don't have to set it at $0.99 and hope for the best.

    If the free listings get scrapped in January and the lockout is still ongoing, it'll be a different story.

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    Selling is down big time, but it's a fantastic time to buy. Have added some nice things to my PC!

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    My sales have been ok have been lucky to get prices I wanted, but I don't really sell much. The free listings is really helping a lot!
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    October was my worst sales month in 3 years. November won't be any better either.


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    Quote Originally Posted by spg View Post
    Selling is down big time, but it's a fantastic time to buy. Have added some nice things to my PC!
    I have noticed the same thing. I am strictly a buyer on E-Bay, and I have picked up a number of PC cards for less than I thought I would over the past few months.
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