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    Big Vintage GU Pickup #2 and some set updates

    So this weekend I made a deal that got me a book of Superlative,Phil Esposito RC, and this

    This goes well with these two

    So anyone looking to move any of those 07/08 Cornerstones either a 1/1 or any #/9 PM me!!

    Also i've been slow to scan but finally getting around to it to show some set progress.

    I love ITG Ult's Blades of Steel set for the vintage players on the checklist. So I'm looking for anyone in ANY Ultimate release who is from the 50's and back.
    Earlier the better!!!




    So anyone with any available for trade or sale PM me! I will be interested in duplicates of ones I have as well.

    This is kind of funny as I've been picking up these cards here and there without thinking of doing the set(or 3 sets I guess technically) but I think I may attempt it.

    07/08 ITG Ultimate

    Net Wins

    Net Average

    The next is one of my all time favorite cards..So i've picked up 3 of them

    Net Zero

    So Any of the Net Zero, Net Average or Net Wins I don't have that anyone wants to move PM me!! Also I would be interested in duplicates of the vintage players.... especially the Thompson/Worters dual.

    That's it for now as I scan more I'll post some updates again, any comments or PM's are greatly appreciated.


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    Amazing cards, especially the Rangers cornerstone.
    Most Wanted: 1998-99 O-Pee-Chee Chrome Refractor 127 Ulf Samuelsson,
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