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Thread: 8 retail packs of Artifacts

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    8 retail packs of Artifacts

    Ok, first things first. I'm just getting back into collecting after about 15 years. Basically, I'm a noob and admit it. :)

    I bought a blaster box and 3 retail packs of Artifacts at Target this morning, no surprise to get no hits. But I couldn't satisfy my break-fever with just those packs, so later in the day I bought 8 more packs out of a retail box. I got a couple of minor hits:

    Definitely beat the odds, so I can't complain.

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    Welcome back in the hobby. I have some artifacts cards here and there for trade, feel free to check them and if you got a bucket sometime we'll trade cause artifacts are awsome.
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    Yeah, Artifacts blasters are no good :-(. Welcome back to the hobby, though!
    #1: Barrasso
    Others: Lemieux, Penguins cards that look good to me
    Need Barrasso ITG Used Nameplates and Crosby NT Base Silver, Gold, Emerald

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    Artifacts blasters are notoriously not good. But fun. I think they got me back into collecting a few years ago but I quickly upgraded to hobby versions. At least the cards look nice.

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