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    2012-2013 young guns cut by a blind monkey

    So today I decided to try my luck with 2 boxes of upper deck 2012-2013 series one and to my horror almost all the young guns are off center. Some of them are really bad. so i go check some of the other young guns i traded for and they are off center. What is up with quality control at upper deck. Are they letting blind chimps cut cards now?

    any one else with horribly cut cards?
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    Yes, I got a box like that at the Toronto Expo, miscut top to bottom. Upper Deck is supposed to replace them.

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    got a scasn to show us the problem, lets see how bad yours look

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    here are some of the worst ones?

    check out the edges.

    might be hard see from the pictures

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    maybe I dont see it or its hard to see
    but what exactly is wrong with your yg

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    "I also Trade based on BV, Not SV so dont quote me Ebay Sales"

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    Those are different then the miscuts I had pulled. I can't show scans because I immediately returned them to the Upper Deck booth. The bottoms of my YGs had part of the next card that was immediately below them in a sheet.

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    maybe i'm too picky but the picture is off center. the white border on one side is larger then the other.

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    Not surprising at all. This was a very common problem at the Toronto Fall Expo this year, and this isn't the first time UD has had these problems. Remember the "roller mark" issues on the YGs from the Series 1 2009-10 release? Horrible.

    Here are some hockey and a few baseball cards I kept from a few years ago because the cutting problem was so bad on them (I kept them for laughs). The hockey cards are horizontally misaligned, while the baseball ones are off vertically. Just atrocious!

    2012-13 UD Series 1... crap rookie crop, many, many YGs miscut... won't be getting a DIME from me any time soon! Wake up, UD!
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