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Thread: 1 Box of Leaf Signature Series

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    1 Box of Leaf Signature Series

    Its been a while since i last did a box of basketball. Ive been eyeing a box of leaf signature series for quite some time and was hoping to pull a pippen auto , malone auto or better yet hitting a nice dillard . so i Bought this box off Chris J and was happy with the hits . Thanks in advance for looking

    And Here were my hits which all are incoming

    this was the first card of the box ... which is one of the cards i wanted from the product ... and there you go ....

    Last card was this

    Im not sure what parallel is this coz i know the purples are 1/1s ... but this is ....

    i would assume that is the gold version ... and was inscribed #4 pick ...

    thanks for looking
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    Nice Lillard, always good to pull something you are after.

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