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Thread: Need an opinion on an MJ

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    Need an opinion on an MJ

    I bought some cards the other day from a guy looking to sell his collection. Anyhow, I found a card of some interest to me.
    01-02 UD MJ's Back set. Does anyone know anything about them? I got a card #20/23 which was part of the 23 Karat Gold set. Anyone have any info please get to me here or pm me, thanks

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    No one has a clue on this?? It is 01-02 MJ's back UD set, 23 karat gold #20/23. I can't find it anywhere on ebay or anywhere else for that matter. Beckett does not have it listed due to scarcity. Anyone?????

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    if it is the one I am thinking of (scan would help) it isn't worth anything. Sorry bro.

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    I have seen them sell for around $10 a couple times. If you want to move it, I could give you a couple #ed chips for it

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