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    Trying to raise funds for a case of Fleer Retro. Deals to be had!!!

    Prices I quote will be for paypal gift payment. Just need to add fees if you're not comfortable with that. Looking for IMMEDIATE payment. If you can't pay now, don't bother. Will accept cash/paypal deals. Will give GREAT deals:

    I also busted a box of Fleer Retro the other day and have a Chris Paul auto, Chris Paul Showcase Row 0, and a bunch of others from that break.

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    Couldn't get money for the case in time, but would still like to raise some so I'm not in that predicament again.....

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    Anyone else? Goal has changed, but need is the same. Also added a bunch more to my high end.....

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    The deal is back for Cyber Monday. Anyone else want anything? PSA MJ is sold, but I have a PSA 3 and a PSA 7

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    Hey buddy. Please send me prices on the Lebron ultimate auto, Chris Paul retro auto. Which one is it? Also the Chris Paul showcase insert. Thanks Bryce

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    Here are scans of the Pauls:

    Will shoot you a PM, thanks.

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