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    Looking to buy ITG Enshrined Base Cards

    Was wondering if anyone here had some ITG Enshrined 2010 base cards they can sell for cheap or some other base cards showing the year by year stats of the players below (eg 1999 Century Legends)?

    Most of these players played before 1950 and most card companies have ignored them sadly excluding ITG and the problem with ITG is that almost all their sets are just a decription of a player or at most a one line stat.

    Looking for:
    Ace Bailey
    Babe Siebert
    Bert Olmstead
    Bill Cook
    Bill Cowley
    Busher Jackson
    Charlie Gardiner
    Ching Johnson
    Chuck Rayner
    Clint Smith
    Cyclone Taylor
    Dick Duff
    Dick Irvin (sr)
    Dickie Moore
    Didier Pitre
    Doug Harvey
    Elmer Lach
    Emile "Butch" Bouchard
    Frank Boucher
    Frank Frederickson
    Frank Brimsek
    Frank Nighbor
    George Hainsworth
    Georges Vezina
    Gordie Drillon
    Harry Lumley
    Jack Darragh
    Jack Stewart
    Joe Simpson
    Johnny Bower
    Ken Reardon
    Newsy Lalonde
    Norm Ullman
    Pierre Pilote
    Punch Broadbent
    Roy Conacher
    Roy Worters
    Sprague Cleghorn
    Sweeny Schriner
    Tiny Thompson
    Toe Blake
    Tom Johnson
    Woody Dumart
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    Hi, I have 11 cards from your want list. I could send them for $20 delivered.

    Looking for:
    Alex Connell
    Aurel Joliat
    Babe Dye
    Clint Benedict
    Doug Bentley
    Earl Seibert
    Ebbie Goodfellow
    Hooley Smith
    Lionel Conacher
    Nels Stewart
    Turk Broda

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    I have Jack Stewart and George Hainsworth. Have any 100 years of card collecting or ITG Real Heroes subset

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