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    What Black Friday Items Are You Purchasing?

    With Black Friday upon us a lot of us are looking for deals on cards, and other items at various stores. Just post below what you have purchased so far from various sites.

    2008 TNA Tristar Cross The Line Hobby Box x4
    2008 Bowman Chrome Hobby Box
    2010 Topps UFC Series 4 Hobby Box
    2012 Tristar Signa Cuts Baseball Box x2
    2012 Topps Museum Collection Hobby Box
    Heroes Archives Trading Cards
    2008 Topps Chrome Baseball
    2009 TNA Tristar Knockouts Wrestling Hobby Box x2
    2011 ITG H/P Hits Series 2 High Num Update Baseball Box
    24 Pack Lot of TNA Xtreme Cards x10
    2010 Tristar TNA New Era Wrestling Hobby Box x2

    Bones Season 6
    The Walking Dead Complete Season 1

    These Items were not on sale but picked them up anyway.

    WWE Topps 2012 Heritage Hobby Box x2
    Assorted plastics
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    2008 TNA Tristar Cross The Line Hobby Box
    2007 Playoff Contenders FB Hobby Box
    2007 Donruss Classics FB Hobby Box
    2007 Topps Draft Picks & Prospects FB Hobby Box
    2010 Crown Royale FB Hobby Box
    2012 Rookies & Stars FB Hobby Box x2

    Target Online:
    3 country cds
    Dumb & Dumber Blu Ray
    House Seasons 1&2
    Contagion DVD

    Various DVDs & Blu Rays 1.99-4.99

    Only ship within US
    Paypal Only

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    I ordered the new IPad 4th Gen along with the Apple TV system so not much funds left for buying cards right now. Best news for me was by waiting until Black Friday to place my order I got $51 off the total price so that worked out great!
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    Purchased 12 boxes so not a bad days haul. Going to keep a look out all this weekend so will post any other boxes I purchase.
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    I stocked up on $3.95 blu rays at best Buy
    both sherlock holmes
    both iron man
    captain america
    expendables 1 and 2
    cabin in the woods
    kill bill 1 and 2 (1.95 each)
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    Making a big purchase from COMC for the MJD PC. Otherwise, I didn't go out Black Friday shopping per say. I did get some overalls for winter at a place, but it was more of a farm store, so nothing special going on.

    Did want to get a TV for my parents, but didn't want to go out with all the crazy people.

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    so far 5 boxes of Thor hobby boxed from dacardworld. Will check in with them throughout the weekend to see what else I like

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    Very nice pick ups so far. Just purchased 10 lots of 24 packs of TNA Xtreme packs. I will probably pick up a few more boxes on Cyber Monday once I can get to the bank.
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    today picked up 4 boxes of 2008 Benchwarmer Signature Series for under $30 each which is an amazing price. Found them at might buy more tomorrow at that price if there are still some left over. At least 10 autographs per box plus special possible memorabilia like kiss, prop cards, bikini and lingerie swatches

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    How are those random lots of tna retail packs. They're extremely cheap so I'm wondering if there's any chance at hitting anything or you're just getting stuck with mountains of base cards?

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