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    Any Pacers collectors out there?

    I've got a decent amount of numbered cards and some GU from guys like Jermain O'Neal, David Harrison, Al Harrington, Jamaal Tinsley, Ron Artest etc that I am looking to move. Just wanted to gauge interest before I started posting a lot of them.

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    Do you have any Reggie Miller for trade?

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    I might have some inserts and numbered but my Reggie GU stuff is not for trade.

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    Okay. I would be interested in trading for some of your Reggies. Could you get me a list please?

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    I would be interested in the numbered cards for sure and maybe some inserts. Could you send me a list please?

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    Only Reggie stuff I've found so far is

    03-04 Ultimate Collection 351/750
    04-05 Ultimate Collection 352/750
    and a Finest Refractor #9 from 1998 (not sure what set off memory)

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    What are you looking to get for those Reggies. I have all of them, but would be interested in trading for them still. Let me know

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    Make an offer. Money, vintage cards, ABA stuff, 90's NBA autographs, etc.

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    Not looking to buy and don't have any vintage. I guess I will have to pass. Thanks anyways

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