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    Some awesome examples being listed here. I think most Cowboys players who go to another team lose value - lots of people drop high amounts on Cowboys players. If Romo left, his autos would drop, IMO. Marion Barber stuff was pretty popular a few years ago - surprised he retired.
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    Carson Palmer

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    vince young
    edgerrin james
    tim tebow (soon to be added)

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    Quote Originally Posted by 27tinman View Post
    Brady Quinn
    was gonna post that lol

    great thread btws

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    Quinn, Leinart, White, those are three that I remember when I was just getting back into the hobby were the hype.

    Add Jimmy Clausen to the list, too.

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    Is it premature to say Alex Smith? Time will tell, but wow is it crazy seeing how Kaepernick's values have taken off in the past week.
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    Rashaan Salaam. 2000 yard rusher/Heisman winner.
    Danny Weurfful
    Gino Torretta
    Troy Smith
    Mark Ingram

    Hey, guess it doesn't always pay to be the Heisman winner.

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    I remember playing Madden way back and kept starting a team with Wuerffel. I always hoped he would do something, but that never happened.

    Ki-Jana Carter and Akili Smith are two others that stick out. What about Tim Biakabutuka. I loved his name.

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