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    Trading for low end letterman cards.

    I'm in need of the letterman cards in my sig. Let me know what you like or what your set needs are. Thanks

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    cmb, i have 3 of your needs
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    Collecting MIKE ALSTOTT
    & OU Sooners Autos, Baltimore Orioles Autos, HOF autos, D-Ware, Walter Payton
    Baltimore Orioles Project. See link for info
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    I have a 11 Threads Tandon Doss "O" auto #291 83/300. I'll trade you for these:
    Corey Liuget Gold Standard auto
    Liuget Contenders Rookie Roll Call
    Philip Rivers R&S gold Stars
    Hidden Content
    Hidden Content
    Looking for San Diego Chargers cards & Autos of USC players in their USC uniform. *See my page for other wants.*
    With my current work schedule I can only guarantee to mail out on Saturdays!!

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    Still looking for the lettermans in my sig. Thanks

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    I have these:

    I like these:

    Collecting Cowboys, SF Giants and Sac Kings

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    Thanks for the post. I'm only interested in low end, I should and will specify. Sorry about that.

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    How low-end? I thought mine were
    Collecting Cowboys, SF Giants and Sac Kings

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