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    Black Friday Hits FT Luck/Trent

    Got a few really nice cards out of the Black Friday stuff. The Richardson has to be a 1/1 or very close to. Not looking to give them away but will consider moving them. lmk
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    Urlacher card count - 163

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    thats a sweet richardson

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    Thanks. Thought it was pretty unique
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    Urlacher card count - 163

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    from the looks of your bucket I am guessing you just collect football

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    lol yea had to pick one and roll with it
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    Urlacher card count - 163

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    figured I'd ask doubt I have much you would be intrested in it football wise seeing as I unloaded all my football and just starting buying it again

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    check me for any or all of them thanks
    PM works best (I trade by BV, buy by SV)
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    Sick Richardson!!!

    Check me for the Lucks.

    I am looking for GU'd, RCs and Autos of: JJ WATT, Kawhi Leonard, Other Current and Spur Legends, Carlos Correa, Jose Altulve, Alex Bregman, Panini Points...
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    pleaase cmb and pm me for them especially richardson

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