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    WTTF: Andrew Luck Topps Chrome RC

    Let me know if you have one please and what you are looking for.

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    what do u have luck dupes of..i have one i could part to trade it for a luck rookie i dont have....or a nice steelers card....

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    I have a Topps and Topps Platinum of Luck for trade. Let me know if we can work something out.

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    any steelers cards?..i collect steelers and luck

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    The only Steelers cards I would have are base. The rest have been traded. You can check my bucket if you like. There might be some nice trade bait in there.

    Let me know.

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    I have some new cards in my bucket. Anyone want RG3 for Luck?

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    my luck chrome base for your luck platinum it up..if u see aything else u want id like to have the calvin johnson dpp rookie

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    I would be intereted in either your Drew Brees or Matt Ryan jersey cards. Let me know.

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    lets just do the platinum for the chrome straight it up if u like

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