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    Why artifacts so cool with me this year??

    I've decided to try my luck again at my LCS near my home. I was really lucky so far this year with artifacts with a couple of really great pulls.
    I'm trying to build the whole artifacts set in parallels, and it's going really well.

    Anyway, decided to break 3 packs.

    First pack: double jersey of steve ott :(

    second pack: patch, keep it for the end.

    Third pack: red redemption 235 :(

    Return to second pack: ......


    PC hit for my set. :)
    My set so far:

    Still no cards from ebay yet.
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    You have done amazing with Gretzky. Congrats on the huge addition
    WTTF :
    Erik Karlsson/Marian Hossa/Billy Smith/Curtis Lazar Rookies

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    Nice Gretzky hit. I've been having some amazing luck as well, I think its because they added so much more to the boxes without raising the price

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    Wow, nice pull! That's one Gretzky I'd love to add to my collection.

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    Awesome hit my friend.Congrats!!!
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