Here is a list of the Hillmans I have, I'm looking for the ones I don't have but dont need pp/sage/leaf
Elite Inscriptions Green, Blue, Red, Black (Have all, would take dupes)
Finest Atomic Refractor Auto #'d/25
Topps Prime Level IV Patch Auto /15
Prestige Destinations Auto
Finest Auto Jersey /1368
Prime Level V /780
Chrome Base Auto
Chrome Refractor Auto /178
Chrome Black Refractor Auto /25 (Would take dupes)
Prominence Field Auto
Prestige Tickets Auto
Inception RPA base non #'d
Platinum RPA #'d /1058
Prominence Letter "M" /210 (Need all other letters)
Gridiron Gear Pull Out Auto
Inception base Auto non #'d
Finest RPA /1353

That's what I have, my main focus is on completing the Chrome Auto rainbow now that I've completed the Inscriptions. Really want rare stuff #'d/50 or less.

What's out there?