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Thread: Major Needs For X-Mas $$$$

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    Major Needs For X-Mas $$$$

    So for the past two years my brother has kicked my butt for getting me cards. I want this to change this year. But in order to do that I need to go above and beyond, I know all the qualifications for cards he wants. I will list them down below and you have any of the qualifications or just a nice card please reply with a post or pm me.


    Specific Players:
    (They don't have to be these players) Stamkos, Kessel, Lupul, Michael-Liles, Sakic, Bozak, Kulemen, Toews, Malkin, Crosby
    Products: Any
    Year: 2010-2013
    Sets/Attributes: Limited Logos, Signature Patches, Titanium Quad, Fight Strap, Patch, On-Card Auto, Debut Threads, Trios, Quad, Scripted Swatches, Honorable Numbers
    Bonus Huge Need: Beautiful Chicago Patch

    I am not interested in buying something that will cost me a lot, I want reasonable prices, around ebay prices

    If you have anything along these lines or just have a beautiful card you are looking to move for cheap please lmk. Thank you very much!
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    I have a Bozak Patch for 25$ and a Kessel Auto patch for $33 delivered of course. Ill do both for $53

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