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Thread: Have 1600 MSP Cards FS!

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    Have 1600 MSP Cards FS!

    Asking 15 Paypal GIFT per. Please message if interested. Code will be sent right after payment is confirmed!

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    Did you hit up Target too? Such a great unadvertised special!

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    9.99 each??? Lmao heck yes!
    I think they made a limit because of me!

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    heck yeah. i hit up walmart and made them match the price!
    bucket:Hidden Content

    Wants: Anything mma as well as nice texans patches

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    I bought 20... would have bought more but alas... I am broke...

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    I THOUGHT ABOUT THAT THE DAY AFTER THE SALE ENDED! I was so mad! I forgot all about time...I'll get em! Great pickup though! I nabbed just under 50, and have them riding on eBay for over 16 a piece...Nice 60% profit on each :)

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