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    2008 benchwarmer signature series boxes for $just under $30

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    man, my boxes were great!!

    Box #1 - verrrry good :) I'd be surprised (and very happy) if the Sara Underwood Kiss isn't the best pull out of my 4 boxes

    Box #2 - another verrry good box! big Sara hit again, the one gold regular dual and a gold Lingerie parallel

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    Box #3 - when you're hot, you're HOT! :)

    Box 4 - I don't believe these boxes!!! :)

    the Christy Hemme Lingerie insert is the blue parallel....where there is only a print run of.....5!!!

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    hi duwal its lance please pm me

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    I bought a killer box of 2008 from steel city I think it was $22 or so out of my one box I pulled a Lisa Gleave Swatch card (1 per case and sold it on ebay) and also a purple parallel Camille Anderson Lingerie card (still up for grabs)

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