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    1923 unoffical Green Bay Packers Stastics

    Spent hours at the historical library finding articles published in 1923 about the Packers, including play by play accounts.
    Since the nfl doesnt have these, its a must for the hard core fan. They are a good measure of the players who played in 1923. I complied a list of the stats and include most of what the nfl keeps now...also i have game by game team stats for the offense and defense. more information available.

    selling only.....$35

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    That sounds really cool, if it were me I would just share it with everyone. Knowing everyone is seeing something that cool and knowing you were the one who found it would be worth more you then $35 to me. If I had $35 extra buck I would give it to you to just show it off to all of us.
    Collecting GREEN BAY PACKERS!,
    Hidden Content
    Trading and selling only in the US sorry !

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    1923 packer stats that i researched in the 1970's
    play by play of the 1923 games and added up the stats

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    if i didnt need the money....i would free share

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