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    WTTF: Bruin auto's from 11 ' Cup Team, especially Thomas and Seguin...Ovy rc FT


    if you don't have Bruin's also interested in other team auto's of decent players...
    I need to create a trader's bucket asap, in the meantime if you have time to cmb lmk what you like, have a mint Ovy Black Diamond RC, Giroux YG available etc....

    Also have some 12/13 artifacts ft, including Tundra Trios-Washington and Ottawa, could use trios Chara, Park and Bourque.

    thanks for the look!

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    Bucket: Hidden Content

    LF: Ovechkin and 2012-13 Artifacts # /125/75//15/8/5/3/1
    2008-09 Black Diamond Quad JS Base, Gold and Onyx.

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