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Thread: highest paying college majors?

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    highest paying college majors?

    What do you guys think...

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    Quote Originally Posted by DiebytheCubs View Post
    Hopefully history, lol
    historic preservation for me lmao....minor in art
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    The most convenient ones are probably the ones that lead right into a career: teaching, dentistry, medical stuff, and things like that. You can get a pretty steady job pretty quick out of the gate.

    That being said, most liberal arts majors (like mine in Japanese) give you a lot of flexibility in what you can do with it. I taught English here in Japan, then moved into my current job as a writer/editor/translator. Doesn't pay well, but you have a lot of options with it...

    Another thing about lib. arts is that you learn to ramble on and on...

    and on...

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    Lowest is archeology, tourism and communications. After that everything else can pay, just the amount of hard work dictates the remuneration.

    Archeology is extreme in it's expense. Archeology must be funded, you must also be chosen. To be chosen, you must be good. How does that happen the day after school? The other 2 are just Dog industries that hire street people for the same work and same pay as a uni grad.

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