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Thread: No Joke....I have been robbed

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    I agree as well, clearly it is an inside job.

    Quote Originally Posted by centrehice View Post
    The thief is somebody that knows that you have all the cards to begin with.

    Start with a list of acquaintances that are shady and proceed from there. It might surprise you how close the actual thief is to you.

    The positive? You have all these photos with which to make an Insurance claim.

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    You can pass the bucket over here when you're done, fellas, I will also be losing my lunch after seeing those scans. Just terrible. And just as the holidays are kicking in? That's terrible..

    Was anything else taken? Electronics? DVDs? Trinkets? ... nice bottles of scotch?
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    Yeah inside job no doubt about that, the crook definately knew that you had all theese cards at home you just dont bust into peoples homes and stumble upon a huge hockey card collection like that.. hope the crook gets caught when trying to sell your stolen goods somewhere, they usually dont think smart after something like this, they just wanna make quick money. Either way its sick how far some people can go and dont respect others stuff, get a job if u need money where is the world going today :(
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    Here's something to ponder....They came across the box and knew the names Orr,Howe,Gretzky. The rest stolen was pulled out with the rest of the other stuff that was to be sent out in trades ,some were sold,some not mine, all on my desk

    The point is that out of the Gretzkys,Howes,Orrs,they left the most sought after card in the box.... The Bobby Orr Rookie. It doesn't make any sense. Plus I had piles of other stuff,other high end pieces,Signed jerseys etc that was not touched.My house is now gutted so nothing for them to take

    Also they stole gifts from Tanjay?????(older persons store),Holy medals....there is no understanding this?

    Anyhow I really thank everyone who has kept a list and passing it around. Something is going to break as alot of those cards are recognizable and very sought after
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    not living there anymore, but did spend 23 years there up until 1.5 years ago. I will keep an ear, be surprised how many people I know in and around CBS/St John's. I really hope they slip up and are stupid enough to ebay something or try to move it openly.

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    Thanks guys for the support. The list has grew alot since the last update. I'm almost complete
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    that sucks and i am local to st.john's as well(C.B.S.) i have passed the link to this thread to a few people who dont use the trading forums to keep a eye out as well

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    Im assuming Andrew at Maverick knows all about this already too hey? Maybe even stop by and give the couple big sellers at the CLB Armory flea market this info as well (forget the main guys name thats always there that sells all the boxes, etc.)

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    Sorry to hear about this ,when you finish your list , please shoot me a copy and I'll pass the word on locally.

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    I am sorry to hear about this and will definately get the word out as much as I can. I will post on twitter and facebook and keep an eye open on EBay too. I had one card stollen and felt sick I can not imagine all of those. Luckily the hobby is close enough and small enough that who ever has them will have a tough time selling them. You have a great support system here that will help.

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