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Thread: PWE/ Low End Trading anyone?

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    PWE/ Low End Trading anyone?

    Just starting out with my basketball collection and would really like to make some deals. Looking to trade base, inserts, rookies, and maybe some low end gu/autos, though I have little to trade in B-ball go/autos. I collect Sixers, DJ Strawberry, and Spencer Hawes. Let me know what you have and whaty you collect! Thanks!!


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    Any chance you're buying? I have a really nice Spencer Hawes triple GU RC /19...along with some other Hawes, and quite a few Sixers rcs/inserts...could make you up a decent sized lot.

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    Dont really have the budget to buy uness it's really cheap.

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    I got some base cards of current sixers to trade. Shoot me a PM.

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    What do you have for Garnett, Wolves and Bulls then? Maybe we could do a card/cash deal?
    Quote Originally Posted by camh44 View Post
    Dont really have the budget to buy uness it's really cheap.

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    I have some sixers I could get you a list of of just take a look at my inventory list and LMK I have Spencer Hawes also. Do you have any Brandon Jennings?

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