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    Looking to unload my last high end lot.

    I would like to sell the lot found here for the best offer I get. It is not a fire sale, and if I find there to be no good offers by the end of the week Ill just pop it up on the bay myself. I would like to avoid the hassle though, so I am willing to deal with in reason. If you do pick it up, I will include all the remaing autos and mem cards have (roughly 100) for free, as long as you pay the shipping. If you find anything of interest, just shoot me a PM. Thanks for looking!

    *I did a rough evaluation of what my sale value would be, and that lands somewhere in the 1700/1800 dollar range IMO(not including the 1-300 SV in freebies). Looking for around 1500. If you think thats low, or high, or bang on, shoot me a PM. I nailed that price pretty quick, and would value the input.
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    Also curious if you have a price range in mind, pm me
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    Pm sent to all. Price is flexible,but not on fire. Would love to sell today.

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    Selling singles?
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    Quote Originally Posted by durangatang View Post
    Selling singles?
    I may, for the right price. I'm really trying to sell it as a lot for now. Please pm if interested. Thanks.

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    Bump. To save some of you the trouble, its not going for offers with less then 4 digits, so please, dont offend me. Thanks, Brandon.

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    interested in the hopkins stuff if you'd break it out

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