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    So you're saying kids should drink just to support your argument. Cute.

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    you can be 16 in Italy, and no age in Cuba, but no kids or parents I know would want that even if it was legal

    and what does that have to do with being an adult? seriously, being an adult brings to mind drinking for you?

    how about paying bills, insurance, car, having your own place?

    you can take it to whatever extreme you would like, but the facts are simple?

    don't kill a fetus and most will turn into a baby
    don't kill a baby and most will turn into a toddler
    don't kill a toddler and most will turn into a tween
    don't kill a teen and most will turn into adults

    you can take it from there any which way you want, but no codes or encryption, just plain old common facts, some might call it evolution
    Jay Shrewsbury
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    Really Jay. You stray so far from the point with your pointless twisting of my words I can't even see you. Are you okay?
    You can't legally drink until you're a legal adult in America. As far as I know, you can legally pay any bills you want at any age.
    See how long it takes to undo your attempts to defame me? It's annoying and serves no purpose. Please stick to the point, if you can.

    As for the rest, oversimplification helps no one and proves nothing. If you go back far enough, you'll end up convicting someone who killed one person of a mass murder because he killed all that man's existing and potential future sperm.

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    twisting and defaming?

    not sure where that came from?

    and like I said, take it to whatever extreme you would like to, I am just sticking to what was wrote, not what someone might thought it had meant
    Jay Shrewsbury
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    It came from your post.

    What you said had nothing to do with anything but did serve to make me look small minded. I can see that pretty clearly. When you have something relevant let me know.

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