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    Prices are as Delivered for ea card. No combined shipping unless you spend around 20+ and/or I feel like given you a package deal break if it makes sense. I am dropping prices as low as I can to make sense on my end to cover fees, shipping, bubble mailer ect....

    I'll start with 3 at a time and post new ones as one sells or about every 10-20 minutes give or take. Or unless you have a request.

    I can start a tab for anyone who wants and payments are due by no later than tommorow (monday 25th) morning to insure I have time to package them up on my way out.

    RG3 Black Friday yellow proof=dapunisher
    Shea McClelin Prime=PlatinumPlus502

    RG3 Black Friday Yellow Proof 45 DLVD SOLD TO dapunisher

    Shea McClelin /25 17 DLVD

    Cam 01/15 Jersey Number!!(1/1) 75 DLVD

    greg little /15 7 DLVD

    taiwan jones /15 14 DLVD

    von miller /10 40 DLVD

    weeden 1957 SP 31 DLVD

    Luck '57 Retro card 7.00 DLVD
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    35 dlvd for that Von /10
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    Looking for low #d high end Vons!

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    Hopefully this will hit in prime time and sell some cards tonight

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