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    F/S: Hot Wheels and White Lightning's

    Anybody interested in any of these? I use to collect about 10 years ago, but got away from it. I still have most of what I picked up, but these are sitting in a closet collecting dust. There are some pictures of some of the TH's and other harder to find cars in my bucket. Would like to sell as a lot, but I am willing to break it up as well. PM me if you have any interest.

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    I fixed the link in my sig (I think). If you are unable to see the pictures of the cars in my post above, please let me know.

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    link works now..what do you need for these

    Coke Van
    65 Mustang
    70 'Cuda
    Olds 442 W-30
    and maybe the 67 Camaro

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