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    Anybody use

    I'm thinking hard about putting a lot of my stuff on there for sale and I'm looking for input.

    It seems like the $.25 cent fee per card isn't too too bad. It looks like they don't take a cut of your sales, so that's a good thing.
    With that quarter fee, I'm guessing it only makes sense to sell cards that go for a few bucks?

    I've been downsizing for awhile and it is hard to get anyone on here to buy (or even look at my posts) and ebay seems even worse. Do you guys actually SELL cards on COMC? Anybody had a terrible or wonderful experiences?

    Here is a random sampling from my tradelist of what I'd be looking to sell for about 10-20% of book value.
    (That's what I 'charge' here and have no luck)
    Are these worth trying to sell on there in your opinion?


    2005 Throwback Threads Green #77 Junior Seau #’d/175 $6.00 (Dolphins)
    2005 Finest Blue Xfractors #75 Chad Johnson #'d/150 $6.00 (Bengals)
    2006 Press Pass Legends #64 Y.A. Tittle #'d/99 $25.00 (LSU/)
    2006 Absolute Memorabilia Spectrum Black #123 Antonio Gates #’d/100 $8.00 (Chargers)
    2006 Topps Draft Picks & Prospects Chrome Silver Refractors #29 Jake Delhomme #’d/99 $12.00 (Panthers)
    2006 Leaf Limited Team Trademarks Holofoil #28 Curtis Martin #'d/50 $6.00 (Jets)
    2006 Upper Deck UD Exclusive Silver #129 Amani Toomer #'d/50 $10.00 (Giants)
    2007 Donruss Gridiron Gear Gold Holofoil #90 Javon Walker #'d84/200 (Jersey Number) $3.00 (Broncos)
    2007 Bowman Chrome Gold Refractors #132 Deuce McAllister #'d/50 $10.00 (Saints)
    2008 Topps Triple Threads #96 Joe Namath #'d/779 $5.00 (Jets)
    2008 Donruss Classics #103 Tom Landry S#/999 $6.00 (Cowboys)
    2008 Donruss Elite Teams Black #1 Tony Romo Terrell Owens Jason Witten #'d/1/800 $4.00 (Cowboys)
    2009 Donruss Elite Status #45 Dallas Clark #'d/44 $12.00 (Colts)
    2009 Certified Mirror Gold #34 Marion Barber #'d/25 $12.00 (Cowboys)

    2005 Throwback Threads Dynasty #7 T. Bradshaw/Franco Harris/Joe Greene - $6.00 (Steelers)
    2005 Zenith Black 'N Blue Silver #BB8 Donovan McNabb - $4.00 (Eagles)
    2006 Upper Deck 3000 Yard Passing Club #3KPPM Peyton Manning - $3.00 (Colts)
    2006 Topps NFL 8306 #NFL4 Dan Marino - $6.00 (Dolphins)
    2007 Topps Brett Favre Collection #BF96 Brett Favre - $3.00 (Packers)
    2007 Playoff Prestige League Leaders #1 Drew Brees/Peyton Manning - $4.00
    2008 SP Rookie Edition 365 John Elway 96 $5.00 (Broncos)
    2008 SP Rookie Edition 405 Bo Jackson 93 $4.00 (Raiders)
    2008 SP Rookie Edition 418 Roger Staubach 93 $4.00 (Cowboys)
    2008 Playoff Prestige Connections #3 Ben Roethlisberger/Santonio Holmes - $4.00 (Steelers)
    2008 Topps Chrome Dynasties #DYNLG L.C. Greenwood - $2.00 (Steelers) (have 2)
    2008 Topps Chrome Dynasties #DYNMB Mel Blount - $2.00 (Steelers) (have 2)

    2010 Topps Platinum #152 Dez Bryant RC - $6.00 (OK State/Cowboys)
    2010 Topps Platinum #133 Colt McCoy - $5.00 (Texas/Browns) (have 2)
    2010 SAGE HIT Gold #12 Colt McCoy - $6.00 (Texas/Browns)
    2010 Topps #58 Taylor Price RC - $1.25 (Ohio/Pats)

    2007 Topps Chrome Xfractors #TC11 Willis McGahee - $6.00 (Ravens)
    2007 Topps Chrome Xfractors #TC12 Thomas Jones - $6.00 x2 (Jets)
    2007 Topps Chrome Xfractors #TC13 Marion Barber - $8.00 x2 (Cowboys)
    2007 Topps Chrome Xfractors #TC18 Shaun Alexander - $6.00 (Seahawks)
    2007 Topps Chrome Xfractors #TC21 Lee Evans - $6.00 (Bills)
    2007 Topps Chrome Xfractors #TC23 Rod Smith - $6.00 (Broncos)
    2007 Topps Chrome Xfractors #TC24 Andre Johnson - $6.00 (Texans)
    2007 Topps Chrome Xfractors #TC26 Devery Henderson - $5.00 x2 (Saints)
    2007 Topps Chrome Xfractors #TC27 Plaxico Burress - $6.00 (Giants)
    2007 Topps Chrome Xfractors #TC31 Antwaan Randle El - $5.00 x2 (Redskins)
    2007 Topps Chrome Xfractors #TC32 Todd Heap - $5.00 (Ravens)
    2007 Topps Chrome Xfractors #TC34 Heath Miller - $5.00 x3 (Steelers)
    2007 Topps Chrome Xfractors #TC36 Champ Bailey - $6.00 (Broncos)
    2007 Topps Chrome Xfractors #TC37 Roy Williams S - $6.00 (Cowboys)
    2007 Topps Chrome Xfractors #TC38 Julius Peppers - $6.00 (Panthers)
    2007 Topps Chrome Xfractors #TC39 Jason Taylor - $6.00 x2 (Dolphins)
    2007 Topps Chrome Xfractors #TC43 Reggie Wayne LL - $5.00 x2 (Colts)
    2007 Topps Chrome Xfractors #TC46 Jason Taylor PB - $5.00 (Dolphins)
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    I've never sold anything. However, I've purchased about 5 times from the site. I just bought 145 cards last night for the same price. Most were about $0.45 to $1.25 with a few about $3.00. I'm sure you'll get a lot of sales from player specific collectors. Out of 145 cards, probably 120 were for my MJD PC.

    You can always pull the cards off the site, I believe. Sorry I couldn't be more help.

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    Never sold there. Like BrewCrew I made a huge dent in my Lawrence Timmons PC buying low dollar stuff. I probably added 50-75 cards from there that were in the .50-$3 range. I like it because rather than buy a card on eBay for .50 and pay $3 for S&H I can buy in bulk on COMC and pay a flat shipping fee that is easier to absorb.

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    Haven't sold but once they add their Canadian store I may give it a whirl. The COMC Black Friday sales were really good and I boosted my Smith & Kaepernick collection pretty well on Friday night.
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    You should make money off of any card you sell on there because you'll end up selling it above the .25 cent fee. The only issue will be will you sell enough to cover the cards that don't sell. COMC really has a good thing going since they get paid on the front and back ends. So for every card they sell I think they make .45 cents and .25 cents for the ones they don't.

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    Thanks for the input!

    I understand the benefits buying on there and the free shipping weekend enticed me to go on there and pick up some singles I needed for sets, I just don't want to waste my time/money on trying to sell there if it isn't worth it.

    Scrounee69 - they charge on the back end too? I didn't realize that. I thought the 25 cent fee was it. I did just notice that they take 20% of your account when you cash out. ! 20%? that seems like a lot! I dunno, It might be ebay for me.

    Anyone having a lot of success selling on there? Tell me about it - please.
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    From what I am reading on their fees page, it is .25 cents per month to list the card + .01 cent per month per card storage, if I am understanding correctly, they charge you 20% to send you your money(?). So they charge a fee to list your card, charge a fee to store your card, charge you 20% of whatever you make when you sell a card and I am sure they make a little bit on shipping too although the buyer pays that. Oh, and they charge you $1 to send you your money via PayPal on top of the 20%, and you will pay PayPal fees too.

    As a buyer, I like COMC. As a seller, no way would I use them. From what I can tell, by the time you get thru paying fees you will be out 25-30% of what you get for the card.

    Assume you sell a $100 card on there.
    - .25 listing fee
    - 20% payout fee = $20
    - $1 to send you your money via Paypal
    - PayPal fee 2.9% of $79.75 + .30 cents = $2.62

    So by the time it is done, you get $76.13 of the $100

    Compared to eBay if selling the same card for $100 and you ship for free.

    Listing fee - free
    Final value fee 9% - $9 (11% or $11 if you use a fixed price listing)
    PayPal fee 2.9% + .30 cents - $3.20
    Cost to ship - Approximately $2.00

    After all of the fees, you get $85.80 of the original $100 or $83.80 if you used a fixed price listing.

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    They charge the customer on the back end with a .20 per card charge handling fee plus the shipping costs. Duane laid out all the other costs fairly well.

    I love COMC personally, although I don't know that I would sell there just for the money. I spend enough money on there that if I did sell I would just turn around and buy the cards I did want. I think it may be a great place to get rid of cards that are just sitting around or that you want to have sold hassle free. To sell with them it appears that you don't have to do a whole lot after the sale. They take care of the shipping out etc so for those that value their time that's a plus.

    The big issue you will find and this will be the time consuming part is to make sure that the card(s) you send them aren't already in overabundance. Otherwise your card will sit there and start racking up the storage fees over time.

    In all I really like the COMC concept. It's a great business model if you own it. I own a scuba shop and wish I could make money everytime I touched something. I think it's a great place for those of us that like to put PCs and sets together becuase you can often find a lot of the cards you are looking for. I have made at least three 400+ card purchases from them. But like any of the sites it has a place in my order of where to look and it's not the first but it is fairly high up there. Either 2nd or third.

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    One thing duane missed though is that if you use the sale money to buy inventory on COMC there is no fee. If you tend to buy often on there, you just take your sale money and buy other stuff.

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    scroungee69 - What is First for you if you don't mind my asking?

    The 20% cash out fee has me thinking twice...
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