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Thread: Houston Getting Pasted

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    Houston Getting Pasted


    21-0 Patriots with 6 Minutes left to play in the half.

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    texans are finally going against a real team

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    I am not surprised. A few weeks ago I said that we hadn't seen the true Texans because they were handed a soft schedule (29th easiest). Why everybody has been ga-ga over their 11-1 record while only facing 4 playoff teams all season has baffled me. Now that they face a healthy, veteran team we see what they will produce.

    These final 4 games will be very telling. After the Patriots they host the divisonal rival Colts followed by the Vikings who are fighting for a playoff spot and then a final game on the road against the Colts again.

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    Texans defense finally started handling brady and the offense. Unfortunately texans offense looks like peewee football. And for the record the texans have beat the broncos, ravens, and bears. If youre saying we havent played a real team then I guess the pats and packers are the only real teams in the nfl. Cause we beat every other team we have played. Regardless how good the texans may or may not be the way this game is going they should be 1-11. Looks like we will see this match up again in the playoffs

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    Texans finally score after 4 Pats penalties in 6 plays.


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    Oh and the texans have won every afc team they have played before tonight. But once again I guess the pats are the only good team in the afc.

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    Well if their defense can keep stopping brady they might have another overtime game. Im not holding my breath on it though. This is pathetic

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    Well they finally sacked brady. Lets see if we can score again

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    Well that play sums up this whole game. Texans might as well kneel the ball and give up before someone gets injured

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