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    updated trade list...scans of all cards avaliable

    Updated my tradelist today and if you want to see a scan of a card that your interested in lmk and i will get it up on my photobuckett asap.

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    05 Honors Class Reunion Eli Manning (blue)/ Ben Roethlisberger (white)

    Definantly like this LMK

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    well like i have said before all i like is the elway...anything else you like from my site we can do for the elway?

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    nope nothing elsed catches my eye except the sanders whats the BV? i could trade in your favor LMK

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    i like this:
    Roydell Williams 2005 SP Authentic RC Auto
    check my tradelist here:
    lmk thanks necron 9d9

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    if you still have the bell i can use it have the roddy white /25 still

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    Like these, lemme know what we can do (I have the Jenkins I mentioned earlier not listed)
    Wilhelm patch
    Tatum Auto (really like this)
    Heap Auto
    Sanders patch

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    dillywill:no bv on the sanders yet

    atrain:i like that roddy card...can you throw in the dan orlovsky too?

    necron:sorry nothing

    vikingfan:still only like the campbell

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    You wanted the Absolute Jenkins last time, and the dual patch the time before. Now only the Campbell?

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    yea, i picked up a absolute auto of jenkins so i no longer need that. So only the campbell is what interests me

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