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    please take a look at my trade list

    ty for looking at my trade list.let me know if you see something of mine you are interested not looking for any particular player so if you have a trade list ,that would be great.ty

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    05-06 bowman chrome andrew bynum rc x-fractor #ed 088/150

    lmk waht u need form me numbered list for this

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    marionautos--sorry didnt see anything i could use

    b ballerjake--sorry didnt see anything i could use

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    i could use:

    05-06 bowman gold johan petro rc
    05-06 bowman johan petro rc
    05-06 bowman chrome ben gordan refractor#ed 120/300*
    05-06 bowman carmen electra
    05-06 bowman shannon elizabeth

    you will find my tradelist on page 1

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