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Thread: Shipping Question

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    Haven't gone in yet, but the weight was about 815 grams!!

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    Ive shipped quite a few packages to the states in those medium sized boxes ( think about 800 count and the size lower ). Each time I ship like that, im surprised as to how low it actually costs
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    So for those that wanted to know.. total shipping, with tracking, was $18.18 :)

    Thank you very much for everyone that helped me, I really appreciated it!

    Oh, and I shipped in a box!

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    Check here for PDFs that show prices and acceptable dimensions for shipping anywhere in the world. Usually the weight is the biggest factor, the size restrictions don't matter near as much:
    Canada Post Prices

    For something 500-1000 grams it should cost:
    Too heavy for letter as a member already said. (500 gram limit)
    $15.67 anywhere in the US for Small Packet Air
    $12.66 anywhere in the US for Small Packet Surface (from personal experience, surface IS NOT worth the $3 savings and can take FOREVER)
    $17.00-$19.40 anywhere in the US for Expedited Parcel (depends on what state the parcel is going to, there are rate codes)
    $27.20-$31.95 anywhere in the US for Xpresspost (depends on what state the parcel is going to, there are rate codes)

    These prices do not include taxes or the fuel surcharges as far as I know and they are over the counter prices, not the business prices which are less.

    Since you have already shipped the item I guess this post can be future reference for other people haha.
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