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    Angelina Jolie / Brad Pitt 2012 Leaf Cut Signature Edition 1/1 ?

    Does anybody know the Value of this card?

    Here's the Link to the card....

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    Eh Depends on what the highest 8x10 of each of them goes for and then find someone that wants the card. Its very nice trust me but its also not uncommon to have both of them on one piece or see both at the same time. As a IP collector I can tell you whenever either one of them ar ein public 95 percent chance the other is going to be there and you have a pretty good chance at getting them both

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    Thanks for the reply....being that it is authenticated and slabbed by leaf , it would bring the value up, give a persopn peace of mind and a gurantee ,i'm pretty sure there are people out there that would have interest in it, plus its a only one of them made... instead of having two autographs on a piece of paper. index, or 8x10 or two seperate piece of paper with no authenticity(unless you got it yourself and planned to keep them)...Leaf cut signatures have been putting good products out in prior years, and alot of their product sells well , from low-end to high-end personalties.

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