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    Prestige, Threads and Totally Certified

    Stopped by the local because I owed a board member two packs of UD Series One hockey for some help and thought I would try some packs.

    Four packs hockey, one jersey and all base so let's try some basketball.

    Six packs Threads all base. Not off to a good start.

    Thought lets give Totally Certified a try.

    Jersey not scanned Chase Budinger

    Hit rookie cards of Austin Rivers and one more, don't remember

    And these two autos.

    Hibbert, short printed # 8/10

    Then I remembered that I needed a Prestige auto to fill out a row of Prestige autos in my basketball book so I pick out six packs.

    Well I got an auto in the sixth pack to finish out my row:

    That finished my row of autos because what as in the second pack but this autograph which will go into a holder!

    Not bad for six packs, two autos!

    Pack 2:


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    Wow, awesome Prestige autos, and with 6 packs!!
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