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    Do anybody on here really wants to trade ?????

    itz hard to tell a everybody want to talk >>.me i want to trade
    how about you ???
    Cmb and lets get it done guys theres somthing in there you must like >.lmk thanks bee

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    from what im seening here no one wants to trade huh ???
    Just talk>>>>>>>>>>>> wowwwwwww
    is there any real traders on this site ??? >>>.lmk thanks bee

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    Check me for one of the Blackmon autos

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    Cmb for the decker bee

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    Quote Originally Posted by titan fan View Post
    cmb for the decker bee
    everything you have that i like is higher then the decker

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    Quote Originally Posted by jmessick86 View Post
    check me for one of the blackmon autos
    my friend i didnt see any cards i liked
    but i did see those mini 's you have
    are any of them for trade ???>>.please lmk that >.bee

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    I would probably trade Vick, but that's it

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    Quote Originally Posted by jmessick86 View Post
    i would probably trade vick, but that's it
    what kind of coa comes with it ?
    The name of it>>.please lmk thanks bee

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