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    QUESTION for MMA Colecting Community *PLEASE REPLY*

    I love Jumbo Mat Autos.....anyone know which ones I'm missing? Not sure if Leben, Wanderlei, Ellenberger, Shields and Cruz were ever made.


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    Quote Originally Posted by The Last Dragon View Post
    Those are awesome looking!!!
    Thanks man....I pretty much sold all my cards so I had to keep a little something. I'm thinking of getting them framed once I know if I'm missing any

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    Sweet set bro!

    I can find any of the ones you listed as not being made. Faber is also listed as an exchange but couldnt find any live of those either. Didnt even see an exchange listed for an of them.
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    great looking set! was there another set in Main Event, i think Anderson Silva and a few others are in that one.

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    Yup, there were some in main event but those were numbered really low (5 or 10) and sold for big $$$. KO had dual mat autos I believe. I just like the design of these ones most. I started collecting the new finest auto mats (and had most of them) but I just didn't like them as much. I have half a dozen redeemed with topps but I think I'm going to replace them and give up on that set.

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    That should be a complete set, for now. I redeemed both Leben & Cruz & still waiting after 16 months...

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