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    2012 scf secret Santa list and page

    Ok guys here's the list. I need you to post here to confirm your in if I don't see you post by tommorow I will pm you. If I do not here from you in two days you will not be in
    .1. Post here to let me know your in
    2. Post here what group low end at least one card bv 25 , high end card bv 40 ( please go above and beyond on this, I sent a hat of my guys team ect... Have fun with it )
    3. Post what you want.. Players, teams, sets working on . And when you post your person can see your bucket and see what you have and what you don't have.
    Nov 30th you will get a pm with your person. My wife or son will pick them out of a hat.
    all packages must be mailed by 19th that way we can have them by Christmas. You must post here what you got.
    In so far

    So that's the list may add some people but time is running out .
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    I'm sure Ricky will let you know for sure when he gets back.
    Collecting Adrian Peterson and Blake Griffin in that order.
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    thanks alot. after i had already posted i went back and noticed when the thread was posted so i sent him a pm...

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    Yea.. ™™™ ? I was wondering why i never got my person lol

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    yea, i still havent got my people, id love to get this ball rolling.. its already december.

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    If its not situated I'll do the names tonight and let everyone know.
    Collecting Adrian Peterson and Blake Griffin in that order.
    my bucket
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    Hope the suspension didn't have anythin to do with this.... welcome to SCF

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    it likely did.. seems like you need to be on the inside good ol' boy club here to be able to do anything. which is why 95% of what i even do here anymore are the vip breaks... and i feel like my vip fees go to waste with how many times a week this forum goes down. lol

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