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    Building a traditional football set

    I know this has probably been talked to death in here, but I couldn't find something suitable in the search function.
    I am getting back into collecting. I don't have a good enough job to collect all the cards from every set.
    Back in the 80's let's say, you collected a set of football, you had a few choices. You would probably want to collect the 1989 Score set, instead of completing a set of 1989 ProSet for instance.

    If we were to really trim out all the fat, and at the same time trim out all the stuff that is too easily attainable, what set would be left that would be the most beneficial to collect do you think? The one that people will look back in 20 years and think that was the quintessential set of 2011 or 2012 or whatever year. Obviously regular Topps is too easy, and Topps Five Star is a little too hard. What is the one complete set that can be worked on that would give you enough of a challenge and hold some sort of worth over the long haul?

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    The problem is that how you define a "set" has changed in 20 years. Used to be that all packs contained "base" cards, or cards that were all numbered from 1 to <enter last card in set here>. So if a set had 600 cards in it, then each card in your pack was a part of that set. Now, you have inserts, parallels, auto versions, jersey cards, auto jersey cards, etc., all issues within the same "set". If you are just looking to put a base card set together and ignore the inserts, then pick one in your price point that you like the looks of and go with it. There are probably 30 football sets each year (Panini has 17 or 18 alone, add in Topps and UD, it gets crowded).

    The market is so flooded with product, its hard to say that any one set is the quintessential set of any one year. I really like the artwork and design on the base cards of the Gridiron set this year. Probably the most action-laden, colorful and visually interesting base cards I've seen for 2012. I think they are going for around $100 a box, maybe less in a month or two.

    I'm like you, I'm a set builder, too. Do you have a local card shop (LCS) you can stop in and look at some options in person? Maybe talk to someone? This is also a good site I use to check out product, look at the checklists, etc.:

    Good reference site, pics of the cards, checklists, reviews, etc. Good luck, and remember... HAVE FUN!
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    I have stumbled into that cardboardconnection site a time or two over the last few weeks as I have done my research. I appreciate the suggestion to look into it a little further and I will.

    I have been looking for a local card shop, but the options seem limited even in a huge market such as Houston. I have found a few online, but none really within a 15-20 mile radius of me out here in my suburb. I guess I will have to travel and check out some of the ones I did find.

    I have researched most of the different offerings, and I guess I am just looking for something that I can build and maybe give to my son one day. I just don't want to have to collect all the different color refractors in Chrome, so I have given up on that as my choice. That seems to be the set with the most clout from what I can tell though.

    I was thinking of trying out Topps Strata, because at that price point, I could probably buy a case, and the case would have enough cards in it to get me well on my way to trying to at least complete some of the sets, if not every single card obviously.
    The Five Star and National Treasures looks nice, but man for those prices, I would have to spend $20,000 to get enough cards to get anywhere at 8-10 cards a box.

    I am easily distracted, so I just want to try my best to focus in on one set that I can really sink my teeth into if that makes any sense.

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    I would go with topps chrome. Maybe not all the refractors. First make the base, then the refractors, then xfractors.

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    I agree with Topps Chrome. The set is just hard enough to complete that it isn't a pushover, but not impossible. Generally cards can be had relatively cheap and will also sell well should a player break out (2005 Aaron Rodgers chrome rookies were peaking at like, $80 the other year)
    Building sets and only collecting Seahawks I like from now on.

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    If I were to ask you to build a Topps Chrome set and stop when you feel that you are complete, what all cards would you have at the end? All of the different color parallels or what?

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    I do the Chrome base set. It's also the only product I open. It's usually pretty easy to finish it on here via trade.

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    Quote Originally Posted by panamamyers View Post
    If I were to ask you to build a Topps Chrome set and stop when you feel that you are complete, what all cards would you have at the end? All of the different color parallels or what?
    My feeling of completness is directly tied to the amount of discretionary income I have.

    In 2010 I completed base, base insert sets, base autos, refractor, xfractor, orange refractor, purple refractor, and am still chipping away at the blue refractors/199.
    In 2011 I completed base, base insert sets, refractor, xfractor, orange refractor, and am almost finished with the purple refractors
    In 2012 I completed base, base insert sets, refractor, xfractor and orange refractor and I'm done.
    Building sets and only collecting Seahawks I like from now on.

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    What percentage of that did you pull as opposed to trade for or purchase?

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