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    In Certified Football- Are Mirror Emerald Cards #'ed to 5????

    I have pulled a lot of Emeralds over the years and all have been numbered to 5. Apparently good 'ol Panini is changing that up this year.

    Below is a Jared Allen that is definitely a Mirror Emerald Patch, but it's #'ed 1/1.:confused0024:

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    Most of them are, but I'm sure you aren't complaining. I think the patch cards range in their numbering based on the checklist on Panini's website.

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    Unfortunately, it's not my card.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TKCards View Post
    Unfortunately, it's not my card.
    Oh well...It's a nice card either way haha

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    It is indeed.

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    Yea it is a bit different this year it seems. I hit a 3 color prime patch of Jonathan Stewart and it was the gold version, numbered 5/5.

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