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    Need help on where to get card graded!!

    Well, as most know, I pulled a 2005 Jason Cambpell Spx Auto /25 awhile back. After tons of people wanting it, im pulling it from my list and getting it graded. Out of PSA and Becketts grading thing, which should I take? Whose the harder grader? I think its an easy 9, probably a 9.5 or even a 10, but idk. Any help is appreciated.

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    Well, I hate to say this but you should go with Beckett. I personally prefer PSA for several reasons when considering my private collection. However, Beckett grades harder, and they tend to be worth more. For example a BGS 9.5 often sells higher than a PSA 10. I prefer PSA, but I would suggest you go with Beckett.


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    Hmm. Are you sure? Ive heard that PSA is the harder grader. Thanks for input btw.

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    Go with have to get an expensive membership to get anything graded by PSA. Beckett grades to better on the open market, too.

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    So 3 for Beckett so far. Any idea on there prices? And how many days should I have them send in back in?

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    I`ve never sent in a card to be graded, but if I was to do so, I would go with Beckett. Only because anyone can send a card in there. PSA you would need a third party(most likely a card store that is a member of PSA). I also wouldn`t leave my trust in any store owner/member to send the card in for me. As we all know, your card can be easily switched by these owners/members.

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