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Thread: Who wants to do some trading?

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    Who wants to do some trading?

    Looking for the stuff listed below.

    Trade Lists:

    Also have this wrestling stuff FT...

    Kobe Auto - Will consider buying one of the price is right.
    MMA Autos - Stars that I do not have yet. Upgrades to my current autos. Female Fighters.
    MMA "Rookie" Cards of stars.
    Red Sox GU, Patches, autos, rookies....pretty much anything. I am even up for base trading for Sox base.
    Kobe Bryant Rookie Year Cards.....Anything for 96-97
    Star Baseball and Basketball rookies. Willing to trade SOME GU and autos for these.
    Celtics GU, Patches and Autos
    Patriots GU, Patches and Autos
    Jets Autos and Patches
    Oakland A's autos and patches. Looking for autos of these guys especially
    Star Baseball Refractors....Also may be interested in Basketball and Football. Looking for top tier guys and Red Sox only.
    Also looking for chrome base of baseball, basketball and football stars. Must be in current uniforms.
    I also have a load of 90's inserts on my trade lists that I am looking to trade for GU/Autos for trade bait. I am of course willing to trade in your favor.

    If I have something you want and you dont have any of my wants, I am more than willing to take trade bait. However, it will have to be something I know I can trade easily. who wants to trade?
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    All Sports Refractors, Prizms & Numbered - Hidden Content
    Looking for Harper, Trout, Bryant, Benintendi, Judge, Bellinger, Steph Curry, Russell Westbrook Red Sox Autos & GU - A's Autos- Celts autos & GU - Patriots GU & Autos - Star Jets Autos - Kobe Bryant Rookie Year Cards - HOF autos, Star RC's - Refractors and Color Prizms & Lower numbered star cards from any sport

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    I like the 2006 Leaf Limited Anquan Boldin auto, please cmb.

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