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    Eagles release Jason Babin, where does he go?

    Just saw this on TV, came as a shocker, but Andy Reid said he wants to give playing time to the younger players.

    No idea where he would go, but I am sure someone will give him a chance.

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    So wait there won't be a Dynasty?

    I hope Babin get's picked up by a contender. I wouldn't mind another pass rusher on the Broncos line.

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    Watching the Eagles implode is always a great thing. Babin is getting a little old and he's more suited for a Wide 9, so I'll be curious to see who takes a flyer on him.

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    I won't miss him in Philly. He had a very good year, but he is a one trick pony. Rather see the younger guys get plays.

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    well he got on a team as Im sure many people already know
    the Jacksonville Jaguars
    not a good team but a team

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    Few teams would be worse than the Eagles. And they found him haha.

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    Eight teams claimed him off waivers but the Jags get him because they suck the most.

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    7 teams in 9 years? why doesnt anyone want to keep this guy around?

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    Rick, the guys a complete bonehead to fans and media. I was surprised to se him go now, but knew it was coming.

    As an Eagles fan, this is just the first of many...

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