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    $9.99 Paypal Gift For The Best Auto/Patch/Refractor Lot DLVD!!!

    The title says it all,please post on here what you are offering for the 9.99 paypal.

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    donta hightower r&s au/999---trav benj elite au/399----jatius wright chrome au------ antonio gates camo------t suggs sepia-------- lavonte david blue

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    Oh man I like that,your my first pick right now,but want to see what else is out there if you dont mind

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    ye lmk before u do nethng bc they may be traded by then thx

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    Malcolm Kelly 2008 Stadium Club Beam Team Jersey
    Armanti Edwards 2010 Bowman Sterling Jersey
    Bilal Powell 2011 Bowman Sterling Jersey
    Taiwan Jones 2011 Bowman Sterling Jersey
    Kevin Smith 2005 Elite Career Best Jersey /175
    JP Losman 2007 Bowman Sterling Jersey
    Justin Miller 2007 Bowman Sterling Jersey
    Will Smith 2007 Bowman Sterling Jersey
    Braylon Edwards 2007 R&S Crusade Jersey /250
    If you lowball me on a 2.00 offer, please prepare to be ignored. Come on folks...

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