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    Need opinions/help on if the following Football GU cards on Ebay are real or fake.

    I've been looking to upgrade my 2012 R&S Rookie Crusade collections with nice looking patches and came across the following two cards.

    The first one:
    Whats makes me suspicious is how all the sellers cards are fancy multicolored patches, kinda suspicious on how the seller seems to lack any normal plain one colored patches.

    And then there is this one:
    I would soooo like to buy this card, but well... any opinions?


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    Not familiar with the set, but if they are numbered to 25, it's possible they are the prime multicolor patches and you're seeing single color patches that are numbered to 49, 99 or 199. It's possible that they are fakes, but they look pretty good and pretty consistent with other listings and unless you see that a certain seller is coming up with impossible patches all the time, I wouldn't be too worried about them. They may have just broke or purchased a ton of product. Good luck!

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