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    I don't usually do this, but a bit of collecting advise please?

    So I was just looking at phantom tickets on ebay and thought it would be cool to add another to my collection. I ran into two that are pretty cool, but I only want to get one. It's between a 2003 Red Sox World Series ticket, which would be a nice compliment to my 2003 Cubs World Series ticket, or a set of 1984 Cubs World Series Tickets, which could be the start of a Cubs World Series collection.

    I'd love to hear anyone's opinion on where to go with this, thanks!

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    Looking at your avatar I would go with the Cubs if I were in your shoes

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    While the Sox one would complete the Dream Series set from 2003, the 1984 Cubs would be a nicer fit in your collection I believe.
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    Thanks guys. I think I will go with the Cubs tickets

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    i feel stupid ,but what are phantom tickets?
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    Quote Originally Posted by stlcardinalsfan View Post
    i feel stupid ,but what are phantom tickets?

    Tickets that are printed up before it is determined who will play in the championship. For example the Cubs did not play in the 1984 WS. The Padres did. It's just like locker room championship t-shirts for the team that loses. Those shirts are usually donated to poor kids overseas. The phantom tickets are supposed to be destroyed but are occassionally leaked out.
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