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Thread: 1941 All-Star game program

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    1941 All-Star game program

    I'm not offering this for sale or trade, but I have a program from the famous 1941 All-Star Game played at what was then Briggs Stadium in Detroit. Ted Williams his a massive three-run homer in the bottom of the ninth to win the game for the American League.
    My dad went to the game. He kept a program and a button, which he left to me. They're not in great shape. The program as folded, the corners are worn and he pasted the play-by-play from the game onto a page. Back then, the newspapers competed to have an extra edition after the game with the play-by-play a fans left the ballpark.
    I also have a button from the game. Unfortunately, my dad wrote 1941 on it. But it's cool. There's red and blue ribbons handing down .
    I'm not sure what the value is. I have heart problems and bills. I'm on disability. Some urge me to sell the program, but I can't see selling it. A sale won't pay all my bills and then I wouldn't have the piece.

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