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    Andre Iguodala 04/05 Sweet Shot Blue Auto For Trade!

    Got this one in a few days ago figured I would post it. Andre Iguodala Sweet Shot Blue Sig BV is $80. Looking for other nice autos in return. Any Tayshaun Prince nice ones I would like to.
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    very nice.....check my site. Also have a Amare Signs of Stardom auto not on there

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    ozflava like the dirk auto and the amare/marion. b ballerjake sorry don't see nothing.

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    Id work something out with either of them, and something else smaller. Both of those sell really high.......the dual books $40 but sells between 30-40, and the Dirk sells for about $40 aswell. I usually go off BV most the time, but those 2 I bought so i will be trading by SV on them

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    ozflava like the zo auto and the sampson auto. Would like to deal on the dirk.

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    yeah ok......the Zo was just traded yesterday, but the Sampson is available. Could do Dirk and Sampson, which is BV $80 for the Iggy. LMK if your interested

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